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Ultra Premium Quality Brake Pads and Rotors Precisioned Machined Brake Pads and Rotors Cryogenically Treated for Maximum Rotor Life Frozen Rotors for Street, Fleet, or Race Vehicles

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We have been in business since 1996 and have been offering the Frozen Rotor brand of brake rotors for the last 20 years. What is a Frozen Rotor? Well, we start with the highest quality automotive, truck, or SUV brake rotor that we can source and then we run it through a 60-hour cryogenic process. Once cryogenically treated, the brake rotor becomes much more resilient to the stresses caused by the constant heating and cooling that a rotor is subjected to in its normal operating environment. As a result, you get a longer lasting brake rotor that outperforms standard rotors by double the mileage. Ultimately, that means you save money! For more details on our cryogenic process go to Why Deep Cryogenics.

We proudly offer the following cryogenically treated brake rotors:

The Importance of an Appropriate Brake Pad Compound

One of the key components to maximizing the mileage between brake jobs is installing the correct brake compound for the type of driving you do. Over the years we have tested many brake pads in all driving conditions including those associated with racecars, police cars, ambulance fleets, performance cars, trucks/suvs, and the daily commuter. Consequently, we have selected four brake pad manufacturers for our website that represent the highest quality pads on the market to accompany your cryogenically treated rotors.

We proudly offer brake pads from the following manufacturers:

If you would like assistance on selecting the right brake pad please call 888-323-8456 to speak with one of our brake specialists.


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I drive a 2002 Ford Excursion and have been replacing brake rotors every year on this truck till I tried the Frozen Rotor brand. I now have three years on Frozen Rotors! Thank you Frozen Rotors for offering such an excellent product!

- Joel Patrick

Mark and the gang at Frozen Rotors/Diversified Cryogenics,
Just wanted to say thank you!! The rotors and pads are installed on my '08 Pathfinder now for a few weeks. Absolutely stellar improvement over stock! Made towing feel THAT much safer too! "I can stop on a dime, and give you .8 cents change!"

- Mark M., Owner,

Much to my surprise, 2 of the 3 boxes were delivered on my doorstep this past Saturday. I wasn't expecting them to be delivered so quickly. I appreciate the customer service, especially when the snow will start flying soon here in Alaska. 

This is my second set of frozen rotors, I am very pleased with the first set I purchased for my motorhome. I will let you know how they do on my F-250 pick-up.

- Devin J Beckes, Alaska Fleet Management Center (AQMDBC)