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Girodisc Key Features

  • Cryogenically treated for maximum brake rotor life

  • Lightweight, allowing for quicker acceleration and suspension response

  • Curved vane design creates over 40% improvement in rotor cooling

  • Reduced warping and cracking potential

2-Piece Design

The 2-piece construction of this rotor makes it significantly lighter. Additionally, the rotor and hat have a floating mount system, which utilizes 10 high strength alloy steel drive pins, manufactured by Girodisc to our own specifications that are cadmium plated for a long lasting corrosion resistance. These pins take the load from braking actions while maintaining the axial and radial float between the hat and disc. In order to keep the rotors from making noise when cold, the pins are mounted with anti-noise spring washers on the rotor side which allow the rotor to grow with heat expansion but eliminate the rattle and noise associated with floating rotors. This float also allows the rotor to self center between the pads.

Benefits of Curved Vanes

In between the rotor faces there are a bunch of small columns. As the rotor spins, air washes through them and they cool the rotor. Pillar vanes are what are commonly found on your factory rotors. These can only cool the rotor with whatever air gets into the wheel well and passes through it. Curved vane rotors are directional, so there is a left and right casting. The vanes are designed to create a pressure drop inside of the rotor as it spins by forcing air out using centrifugal force. The faster the rotor spins the more air is force though its vanes for over 40% improvement in cooling.

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