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Hawk Performance

Hawk Performance's leading-edge brake friction technology is proven everyday in severe-duty aerospace, military, commercial truck fleet, motorsports and performance street brake applications.

Street Pads

Hawk HPS - High Performance Street

HPS - High Performance Street disc brake pads are world renowned for increasing stopping power on your street legal vehicle. This pad is composed of a unique Ferro-Carbon formula that was developed for street performance using the safety and quality of Aerospace and Motorsports severe-duty friction technology.

The High Performance Street compound offers a higher coefficient of friction over stock brake pads and can provide you 20-40% more stopping power and higher resistance to brake fade than most standard replacement pads. Less fade means you'll have a highly durable brake pad with less brake dust.

Key Features:

  • Increased stopping power

  • Temperature range: 100℉-500℉; 38℃-260℃

  • High friction/torque hot or cold

  • Gentle on rotors

  • Extended pad life

  • Low dust

  • Virtually noise-free

HAWK HPS 5.0- High Performance Street 5.0

Hawk Performance High Performance Street 5.0 Pads are a Ferro-Carbon compound brake pads offer more stopping power, improved performance under heavy braking conditions, and resistance to brake fade, elevating your street car’s performance. This makes them more responsive and durable than most standard original brakes which ultimately increases your braking performance and reliability.

As standard brake pads wear, brake dust is released as the friction material wears in everyday braking. Hawk High Performance Street 5.0 brake pads are formulated to produce and release extremely low levels of dust in normal street driving conditions while also being very quiet.

Key Features:

  • Increased stopping power compared to HPS

  • Temperature range: 100℉-550℉; 38℃-288℃

  • Gentle on rotors

  • Smooth and predictable torque

  • Virtually noise free

Hawk LTS - Light Truck and SUV

Heavier vehicles with larger brake systems are more likely to experience higher temperatures, requiring a brake pad that has excellent heat dissipation characteristics. The Hawk LTS brake pad, engineered using technology from fleet and Military applications, was designed for large brake systems found on full-size trucks. The LTS  Brake Pad Compound also utilizes the Hawk Performance established and proven Ferro-Carbon formulation to provide superior stopping power for full-sized light trucks, SUVs and vans without noise and dust.

Key Features:

  • Improved braking over OE

  • Temperature Range: 100℉-500℉; 38℃-260℃

  • Superior fade resistance

  • Low Dust

  • Excellent pad and rotor life

  • Virtually noise-free

Race Pads

Hawk HP Plus / Autocross

Hawk Performance's HP Plus brake pad compound can take the heat of the track and get you home safely without having to change the pads. HP Plus was developed and manufactured for sport driving in Track Day applications. This friction formulation offers lower wear rates and higher torque values than other competitive materials.

Key Features:

  • Extremely High Friction Output

  • Fade Resistant

  • Exceptional stopping performance

  • Wide temperature range (100℉-800℉; 38℃-427℃)

  • Designed to get you to and from the track without requiring brake change

Hawk BLUE 9012

The Hawk BLUE 9012 is a medium/high torque brake compound offering low pad and rotor wear with good brake modulation. Recommended for road racing and rally applications where low to mid temperature effectiveness is critical. Hawk Performance's BLUE 9012 race pad compound is the #1 selling pad material for SCCA.

Key Features:

  • Low to mid temperature range (250℉-1000℉; 121℃-538℃)

  • Low to intermediate torque

  • Excellent modulation

  • Multi-purpose compound

Hawk HT-10

The Hawk HT 10 is an intermediate to high torque brake compound with a smooth initial bite, offering excellent modulation, consistent pedal, and good release characteristics.

Key Features:

  • Mid to high temperature range (300℉-1300℉; 149℃-704℃)

  • Linear in-braking characteristics across temperature ranges

  • Intermediate to high torque


The Hawk DTC-70 is designed for cars with high deceleration rates with or without down force. This brake pad has extremely high torque with aggressive controllable initial bite.

Key Features:

  • High temperature (400℉-1600℉; 204℃-871℃) & high torque

  • Provide superior pad and rotor wear

  • Excellent torque control

  • Excellent modulation and release characteristics

  • Designed for high deceleration rates


The Hawk DTC-60 is a brake pad with higher torque and less initial bite than DTC 70. This brake pad is characterized by its superior release and torque control and is designed for cars with high deceleration rates with or without down force.  It is recommended for use with DTC-70 when split friction between front and rear axle is desired.

Key Features:

  • High torque, slightly lower than DTC 70

  • High temperature (400℉-1600℉; 204℃-871℃)

  • Superior pad and rotor wear

  • Excellent torque control

  • Excellent modulation and release characteristics

  • Heavier gravel rally

  • Lighter tarmac rally

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