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Power Slot Cryo

Frozen Rotors has teamed up with Power Slot to develop Power Slot-Cryo, cryogenically treated brake rotors. Power Slot rotors are designed to beat the challenges of high performance driving and severe duty brake demands, and represent one of the most cost-efficient performance brake upgrades offered in the market today.

Power Slot Cryo Key Features

Along with the benefits of cryo-processing, Power Slot rotors are CNC machined to application-specific tolerances that utilize a tapered-slot technology to create a vent for dust and pad gases while preserving rotor strength.

  • Cryogenically treated for maximum life

  • Provides improved braking “bite”

  • Cleans and refreshes the pad surface

  • Prevents gases from collecting between the pad and rotor interface

  • Better wet weather braking

  • Enhanced aesthetic appearance

Benefits of the Slot Design

The slot designs of Power Slot rotors are angled to use the rotors direction of rotation to enhance performance. This makes them side specific with left side(driver) and right side(passenger) rotors.

Benefits of Electrocoating

Power Slot Brake Rotors are also coated with black Electrocoating (E-coating) finish, an electrostatically applied finish designed to withstand 400 hours of saltwater exposure without rusting. This provides long lasting corrosion protection in the critical hat and cooling vane areas.

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