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VelveTouch Carbon Semi-Metallic disc brake pads are designed for severe-duty automotive and truck fleet applications. This unique formulation combines the performance and heat resistance of carbon fiber composites with the durability of traditional semi-metallic brake pads. Advanced friction technology partnered with the quality and safety of Aerospace design is the foundation of Carbon Semi-Metallic brake pads.

F1 Carbon Semi-Metallic Compound

Engineered specifically for class 1 through 3 automotive and truck fleet applications.

  • SUV, RV, Limo & Pickup Trucks
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Police & Taxi
  • Light and Medium-duty Commercial Trucks

F3 Carbon Semi-Metallic Compound

Developed specifically for class 2 through 6 commercial truck fleets.

  • Conventional Vans
  • Large Walk-in Delivery Trucks
  • School Bus
  • Utility Vehicles
  • Construction Vehicles

Key Features

  • Extended Pad Life: Up to 40% improved pad life, minimizing annual brake changes per vehicle.
  • Extended Rotor Life: Carbon Semi-Metallic applies a micro-carbon transfer film on the rotor surface. This transfer film dramatically improves rotor life and minimizes the potential of rotor warpage and heat cracking.
  • Noise Pollution: Unlike many traditional semi-metallic pads, Carbon Semi-Metallic is extremely quiet.
  • Safety / Fade Resistance: Compared to traditional replacement pads, Carbon Semi-Metallic can operate 200 to 400 degrees hotter without significant friction loss.
  • Safety / Bond: Carbon Semi-Metallic brake pads utilize world-class chemical and mechanical bonding technology and procedures. For the most severe braking applications, VelveTouch has developed the new INNERLOCK system, which features hundreds of small-extruded hooks that are molded directly into the friction material. In terms of bond and shear strength, there is no better product.


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