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Diversified Cryogenics, Inc. offers variety cryogenic services. Not only do we treat brake rotors we also cryogenically process gun barrels, cutting tools, and racing engines. If you have items that need cryogenic treatment please call us at 888-323-8456.


Gun Barrels – Cryogenic processing relieves stress in firearm barrels.  Stresses cause a barrel to bend or warp as it heats from repeated firing -- warping causes walking, stringing or wandering in the shot group.  Our proprietary 60 hour cryogenic process relieves internal stress in the firearm so the barrel will no longer bend or warp.  In addition, your firearm will be easier to clean and give you increased performance, increased accuracy and extended barrel life.

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Cutting and Machine Tools – Cryogenic processing increases the strength, stability, and life of perishable tooling.


Dramatically reduce consumption of perishable tooling. Treated tools typically yield two to three times the production of non-treated tools before grinding is required.

Permanently enhance volumetric efficiency of metals. Treated components may be ground after treatment and the benefits of treatment are retained.


Reduce the frequency and cost of tool regrinding. Worn treated tools require less material removal to restore a uniform cutting edge. And so, treated tools may be reground more times before falling below the minimum acceptable dimensions.



Substantially reduce machine downtime caused by tool replacement.

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Engines – Virtually all engine parts respond to cryogenic treatment. Treated piston rings seal better against treated cylinder walls reducing blow-by and increasing horsepower. Cylinder blocks do not distort when subjected to the heat and vibration of racing so cylinder bores stay straight and smooth. Aluminum pistons and cylinder heads resist detonation longer. Crankshafts and connecting rods have longer service life without breaking. Camshafts, bearings, timing gears, valves and valve springs, timing chains and tappets all last significantly longer under severe conditions. Bottom line: cryogenically-treated racing engines last two to three times longer.

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